Oh, Raleigh, you kinky bastard…Avengers!roleplay awaits you :D

this fic was an inspiration. sort of. idk, i just looove the idea of Chuck having a sintetic leg\arm ect. (✿◠‿◠) so i really am sorry. 

(go read it and then don’t forget to give author some love, because fic’s really awesome and touching)



Le génie du mal [The genius of evil, aka; Lucifer]; Guillaume Geefs 

“The statue was originally a commission for Geefs’ younger brother Joseph, who completed it in 1842 and installed it the following year. It generated controversy at once and was criticized for not representing a Christian ideal.The cathedral administration declared that “this devil is too sublime.” The local press intimated that the work was distracting the “pretty penitent girls” who should have been listening to the sermons.” [x]

[The original ‘sublime’ version shown below, and the ‘revised’ one in the photoset above]


> Make sculpture of the devil

> No this sculpture is too hot for church

> Make another one

> It’s even hotter

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Today on Cool Stuff We Get In The Mail

In Once Upon a Playground, Brenda Biondo photographs vintage playground equipment and pairs them with their original catalog listings.

The result is kind of creepy — I would not want to meet any of these jungle gyms alone in a dark alley.

That said, look at that SPACESHIP PLAYGROUND.


Hey, don’t be harshing on metal merry-go-rounds. Those things were so much fun I’m surprised they were EVER allowed.

— Petra

Oh the rocket ship! My first grade school had one of those.

Oh hey, the bottom one is the kind I cracked my skull on as a kid. That’s also where I learned how much scalp wounds bleed.

Good times, good times.